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    Default 13 week old naps 30-40mins at a time!!

    Hi mummies

    DS is 13 weeks and has been a terrible napper since as long as I can remember! I think maybe 7 or 8 week old, maybe. So yes, that's just how long I've waited to seek help. I thought this is a phase and he'll get over it 😣

    He's good at night time. Last milk at 6-7pm then usually 7-8pm bedtime and wakes at 11-1am (most nights not anymore), then at 4-5am, then 7-8am morning wake up (usually not intereted in milk, just takes half or 3/4 of usual feed).

    From 7am morning wake up we follow the routine eat-play-sleep. Though his pattern usually goes eat-play-sleep-play because he wakes up too early! He can only stay up for an hour to an hour 15min before he starts yawning and showing sleepy signs. Swaddle and he'll get half eyed, straight to bed. Only to wake up 30-40mins later. I've tried letting him cry. He would go on until his next feeding time! What I do is pick him up and shush pat until sleepy eyed again. That took close to 20-30mins. And he'll sleep til the next feed.

    Oh and he self soothes beautifully before bedtime and during night times. It's the naps that is sooo hard!

    How much longer do I have to keep up with this? Barely can get anything done during the day! Help!!

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    Keep trying to get him back to sleep after the first sleep cycle. I would discourage crying at such a young age. Your baby needs you. He will get used to sleeping longer. They won't be in a consistent routine for a while yet, and they change so frequently at that age.


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