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    Quote Originally Posted by Cicho View Post
    When my kids were younger I worked and could get care for one child at our local centre, but not the other as they were full. SAHM's had their kids booked in but there was no room for my child, and I had to work! I was very dirty about that. I'm not against SAHM's using childcare, but back then there was no priority for working parents. So I had to use 2 separate centres for my 2 children. It was ridiculous. Lash me if you wish, but that is how it was. Have a go at dropping 2 kids off at 2 different centres every day and collecting them in the arvo then tell me how unfair your situation is being a SAHM and being asked to collect your child early.
    When I was working in child care 12 years ago, there was priority of access even back then. But a centre isn't required to kick out a sahm because a working parent wants a spot. As a centre,it reflects our societies views that a SAHM isn't important. That what we do isnt important. That we are lazy and sit on our butts all day. A working parent isn't entitled to more hours of the same service that a SAHM is paying for just because a working parent brings in an income for what they do and a SAHM works too, but for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjalee View Post
    No one is arguing the fact that working parents should get priority places... which they now do.

    Plus, a SAHM picking up her kid early/late has no influence on working parents if they can't get a spot at the centre anyway?
    This last point. Why has this non working parent being told to pick up their kid early morphed into a debate on working parents getting priority for places? It's a completely different issue but I noticed even mamamia had an article about this.

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    I'm a working parent who couldn't get a spot in child care. It was at the centre my DD1 was already at. Pretty sure I got screwed over. I asked every few weeks for 6 months if a spot was available and they said no, which I found doubtful. I returned to work and my parents had to mind DD2.

    However I don't begrudge any SAHMs having their kids there, or when they pick them up.

    If the facts are as they are being presented it's ridiculous.

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    My boys' childcare centre gives priority firstly to children who already have siblings in the centre. I'm not sure if they have priority for working parents over SAHP.. But I think if someone can't get their second child into the same centre as their first, it's not the fault of SAHPs, it's because the childcare centre policy is crap.


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