Hi all you wonderful mothers and mums to be.
I need a bit of help/advice if I can trouble you.
My best friend is expecting her very first baby. She is due in April next year so is just through her first trimester.
Unfortunately she had quite a rough first trimester with morning sickness etc which I gather can be quite normal.
What I need help with is this: she is very scared/anxious about the pregnancy. At each new pain or change she is worried that she is going to lose the baby or something is wrong. I know this fear is stopping her from fully enjoying the experience. I believe it is also causing stress for her husband who can't be with her at this time.
Is there anything I can do, information I can show her to help alleviate her fears? She fears everything, i.e. eating the wrong food will cause a miscarriage, being bumped in the tummy will cause a miscarriage, getting sick will cause a miscarriage etc.
She has never experienced a miscarriage, and while I understand that this baby is very precious and she would hate for anything to happen to it, I feel that the additional stress is detrimental to her health (mental and physical).

Any advice would be super appreciated.

Many thanks,