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    You do heaps! Now I feel like a lazy lump who does nothing.
    I get up by 7am, bf ds, shower and eat while he's in the bouncer. Unpack dishwasher, put on washing, feed him solids, drive to the shops while he naps, play on my phone til he wakes up. Buy groceries to make dinner and run any other errands. Bf, second nap at home. Solids. Go for walk with pram, go to park. Bf. Third nap. Dh gets home and entertains ds while I make dinner. We eat, I bf while dh clears dishes. Tv/bath/bed. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I have a cleaner which takes a huuuge load off. I actually prefer to do it myself but I can barely get my sh!t together to do what I already do.

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    Like LMS my day varies depending on how exhausted I am.

    Today I was up at 4am with DS3. Came downstairs, put the heater on, gave DS3 a sponge bath (he has eczema so starting to avoid too much washing), slathered him in cream and clean clothes. Popped him on baby gym. Races around like a mad woman to put overnight washing in dryer, added dryer contents to mount foldmore, emptied dishwasher, started making breakfast. DS3 was losing it, picked him up fed him he crashed. Tried 3 times to put him in Moses basket gave up sat on lounge with him asleep. 6am DS2 wakes up and comes downstairs. Make him breakfast, managed to eat an apple all while holding DS3.

    Since then I have done another load of washing, managed a few minutes to attack the folding, have run the stick vac over the downstairs. Now feeding DS3 and wondering what the he'll we are going to eat for dinner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Miss Sunshine View Post
    Some days I'm on fire. Place is clean, washing done and folded, baking snacks and prepped dinner.

    Other days, like today....... well let's just say I'm p1ssing time away on my phone, the place is a bombsite, the kids are feral and bored.

    It depends largely on how much sleep or energy I have, and how well behaved or clingy the kids are.

    I do have a to do list but I don't beat myself for days like this.
    This is me.

    Some days I am on fire. Others - not so much.

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