I want to share my story. My last shot of depo was September 29th 2015. I decided not to get my next shot in December of 2015. I was on it for a total of 9 months. In January 2016 I started a herbal drug called Vitex to help bring my menses down. In February of 2016 my periods begin but was irregular until June. From June till now my periods have been an average 25 cycle. My last two cycles I've been taking Geritol the multivitamin in pill form and fertility blend SP for 7 days during my fertile window according to my apps. My next period is due this Thursday October 13th. I am 11dpo and I decided to take an HCG which was a BFN! I also went to lab corp this morning, as recommended by my OB Gyn to get my blood drawn for a hormone panel to check if everything is ok and if I'm ovulating. My appt with him is on the 20th to review my results. Does anyone have a success story after stopping depo?