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    Default 34 weeks with twins and freaking out

    This is my first time on a forum of any kind, so please forgive me if I ramble, go on forever or sound like I'm complaining.
    I'm just after some advice/reassurance.

    I am 34 weeks pregnant on Wednesday with boy/girl twins and this is my first pregnancy.

    The day we received confirmation from my Dr. that I was pregnant I was really happy and excited. (As was my partner!)
    Then I got sick. I got severe morning...more like all day!...sickness.
    I couldn't move or even TALK without throwing up. When I had to move, I couldn't even walk unassisted.
    That lasted 5 months then I was diagnosed with PSD. So since then I've been in horrible pain daily, can't sleep ect, ect.

    Now, with 3 weeks to go I'm freaking out about the whole thing, and honestly, I'm not excited. Haven't been since we got the confirmation.
    I feel like I haven't had time to process and accept (bubs were wanted when we found out, but came along earlier than we had planned) due to be being so sick for so long.

    I'm scared of labour, how I will cope mentally and emotionally with two, if I will be a good parent...everything I'm sure that goes along with being a first time mum.

    Any tips or advice would be extremely appreciated.
    Thanks for reading and apologies for the novel xx

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    Congratulations. You will be a great parent. You already are a great parent! You are worrying about how to do the best for your babies and sacrificing your whole physical and mental self for them..... This is actions of a great mother.
    I can tell you that it will be hard. But you can do it. You have to. It will also be wonderful.
    My advice it to be gentle on yourself. You must take care of yourself if you are going to care for these babes. Accept offers of help because you can not do everything and be everything to everyone. Accept your limitations and don't feel guilty.
    Know, deeply and truly, that you know your babies better then anyone else. You know what they need and what is best for them.
    My most important advice is to find your tribe. Other mothers that understand how you are feeling are as precious as gold. These other mums should leave you feeling supported and happy after being in their company. If you feel guilty and judged then just keep searching for a new tribe.
    You can do this. I promise. X

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    hi and welcome. My story is not the same, but I still managed twins. I had three under two, three in nappies, ( all washing and folding cloth nappies). Accept any and all offers of help, if anyone just drops in unannounced or uninvited, give them some work to do. Don't stress about housework, or other activities outside of the home, just relax and take each day as it comes. You will be ok. The more you worry the more the tasks will grow, just focus on one day at a time. hugs, marie.


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