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    Default 21 weeks and uncomfortable already?

    Is anyone else out there already really uncomfortable? I feel like I am already 8 months pregnant but am only 21 weeks. Sitting at my desk at work I just feel so huge and whale-like! I am worried because I am feeling this way already and still have so far to go!

    I am also feeling really down about my body and the physical changes. Some background information about me: I have always been on the bigger side. I use to weigh 117kg and over the last 5 years I have managed to get down to 70kg. Before getting pregnant my weight was around 75kg. I have already put on 13kg during my pregnancy and it is really getting me down, and I am only half way! I feel like I am so big, swollen, unattractive and generally unhealthy. I vowed that I would never ever go back to the way I use to be but this weight gain is upsetting me and getting me worried about things like preeclampsia and diabetes. I am going to try my best to be really good with what I eat and try to exercise more for the rest of my pregnancy (thankfully the weather is getting nicer which will make it easier to get out and exercise).

    I'm sorry for the long depressing post, I just needed to vent!

    Hope everyone else is doing well! x

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    I am in my early stages of pregnancy so I don't have experience of what you're going through, but I went to a dietitian this week. She was awesome, her main message was that "eating for 2 whilst pregnant is a myth."

    It's all about getting the correct recommended servings of each food type daily. Interestingly, the serving suggestions don't increase that much for pregnant women.


    This is the brochure she talked me through. I'm now meal planning using this. She said it's also good to try to get multiple food groups each meal...this is challenging but I'm noticing that when I do this, I seem more satisfied and fuller for longer!

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

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    I'm 25 weeks today and uncomfortable. Bending over to pick things up makes me feel sick, and I've had heartburn almost daily since really early on. Heaven help me at 24 weeks.

    I have battled my weight all my life and was down to 66kg when I fell pregnant with my daughter. All up I gained 20.7kgs with her. I stressed about it the whole time, because in my head, gaining weight was a bad thing. I lost the 20.7kgs after she was born.

    This time around, I'm up 11kgs at 25 weeks. I'm trying not to stress about it. I know I'm not gaining weight because I think I need to 'eat for 2'. I'm gaining weight because I'm always bloody hungry and don't always make sensible food choices.


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