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Parents also need to take responsibility for their child's medical and other needs.

We've got kids at school who need too see doctors/specialists but parents don't take them. There are kids who need glasses but parents won't pay for them. We've got kids who need to get to paed appointments. We've got kids who need dental work.

And...we've even got kids who only need parents to sign on the line to get them some speech or OT sessions but some won't even do that.
I'm the other type of parent in the doctors surgery. The OCD parent who is worried about everything.

I want to just add to unschoolings comments about asking goto toilet etc my daughter asks me still? So does my DS. I dunno I guess we all parent different and that is okay. My friend has just pulled her son out of school to homeschool I'm very concerned about his welfare for it. I will say that.

I mean unless u have tried everything. Public, private psych etc then home school. My son has anxiety but he is preparing for mainstream and Childcare helps