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    It sounds like it can be done if you have plenty of support. My DH will be expected to help that's for sure! Plus I have in laws nearby who want to be involved :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1CrazyMoose View Post
    Mine is the same. It adds loads of pressure if you are wanting to get into honours. Good luck!
    It's definitely a long, hard road we've chosen with psych. Good luck to you too

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    Quote Originally Posted by gingermillie View Post
    It's doable but you need to be super organised, disciplined and motivated. I personally would not start until bub is 6 months old. For me the first 6 months were hideous and there is no way I could have found time or mental energy to study.
    I went back to my masters degree (external) when DD was 7 months old. I also went back to work 1.5 days a week at the same time. I did one subject last semester and this semester (now working 2.5 days a week) I had hoped to do 2 subjects but my DH is away for the whole semester interstate so I dropped back to one.
    I have found it very difficult to find the time but that is a lot to do with my job which is very busy and not confined to 2.5 days and also with DH being away.
    I am actually a Uni lecturer and half of my workload is teaching online and I have been teaching in that format for many years. In my experience a lot of my external students struggle. As I said you need more organisation, motivation and discipline to study externally as it is so easy to let other stuff encroach. But it is doable but I would wait til bub is a few months old so you are more settled.
    Hope this hasn't been too negative! I see it from both sides though as both an external student myself and an online educator.
    I am also thinking about studying in 2017 bachelor of nursing by distance part time and i have a 16month old and a baby on its way due in august. Do you think it would be possible to do the first term and then second term i go back to just 1 subject, i may also have to ask if one of the residential school clinics can be deffered or picked back up the following year as bub will only be a few months old, have you had any experience with students like myself? Is it manageable? Ill defientlt need atleast 8-12weeks off once bub is born too. Ill have to ask the university career advisor these questions tomorrow.
    By the way i admire all the work you do its very inspiring


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