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    Default Repatriating experiences/advice wanted!

    Ladies of BH. My first thread and I have some questions... We're having a bit of a crisis.
    Backstory: DH and I are considering repatriating from London to Brisbane. DH is currently on extended paid leave which started in July and finishes in November as he is unsure on what he wants to do next (role in finance so technically garden leave but he has the option to return to his role) / he battles with depression and anxiety, is on medication and under the care of a pshyc he didn't not enjoy his job but didn't feel like he was contributing enough - he is very intelligent and very hard on himself, he has 2 other good job offers that he feels would suit him but is anxious. We had an ectopic pregnancy in December, this affected us both deeply. Results from the FS are not good - my AMH is low (6.7) and DH 1% morphology so he has recommended ICSI. We are at a cross roads, we do enjoy life here, DS just started nursery in a wonderful little school in central London, DH has a lot of job opportunities... But... We have just come to the conclusion that it is so temporary. We want to move on to the next phase of building our family, careers and 'life' and we feel like were on borrowed time here, if that makes sense?
    Has anyone been in a similar situation? What decision did you make? Is it irresponsible to move to the other side of the world (even though all family is there so could reply on them till we are on our feet although not ideal DH seems to think OK I am less on board) with no jobs to 'start over'? Would this be damaging to DS as he has started formal school here (uniforms etc.) but will be in kindy 2017 in Brisbane?
    [DH brought this up three weeks ago and has been pushing it a little bit, I have gone from 'no way' to ' how could this work'. It feels like such a big decision to make in a few weeks].
    (mods move if not in the right place / if anyone here knows me or has me on fb please don't say anything)

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    I'm about to head off to bed but will PM you in the morning as this is a discussion DH and I regularly have right now.

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    Default Repatriating experiences/advice wanted!

    I'm really sorry to hear of your ectopic pregnancy I hope you are doing ok!
    I haven't moved countries but have moved states. When we were going through some real medical struggles with one of our DD's, we packed up all our stuff and moved back to our hometown, it was needed and we don't regret it one bit. Sure, we had some struggles financially at times but we soon got on our feet. I think having the family support is great, is this what your DH might want the most? The support for not only himself but you too? Do you think it will help his mental health having family around?
    As for schooling, children are usually very resilient. We moved states 3 months ago, our daughters have settled straight into their new school.
    It won't be an easy decision to make, so take your time and go over everything before you come to the right one for your family!

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    It's going to be a tough decision! Don't make it in a haste!


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