I guess I'm just sticking my head in here to say hi & nosing around as I don't even know what the go is with my body anymore.
Maybe 'waiting to TTC after Implanon' would be a better title? Simply because I'm sure I'm not pg but af isn't anywhere on sight yet.

Anyway, here's a bit of background info:
TTC #4
DS1 (9 years)-surprise
DD (6 years)-surprise
DS2 (2 years)-planned & fell 2.5 months after Implanon removal.
I'm 24 (yep, young mummy to my 1st at 15!)
DH is Step-dad to oldest 2 & is 24.
I've not really had a 'normal' cycle since late 2010 after using Depo. Implanon made that worse 2x 18 month-2 year uses & I would get af maybe 3x each use.
Implanon was removed 1st Sep & af was present 28th Aug - 3rd Sep
Tested pretty much everyday this week, after having too many symptoms (normally af symptoms are slight back ache 1 day prior to spotting), with BFNs on all 4 tests. I figured af would show once my 'symptoms' started easing....now I have none & still zero sign of af, so I'm leaving it until either af shows or next Thursday after which I will test weekly until BFP or af.

But, for now...I'm waiting....I am an extremely impatient person sometimes. Lol

I guess I'm chalking this up to my body normalising itself after 2 years of Implanon & can't actively ttc until after a couple of cycles....unless of course I randomly get a BFP without af like last time *rolls eyes*

I think I've rambled enough so I'll let you all get back to your lives now.