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    1. Gym
    2. Newspaper
    3. TV
    4. Books
    5. Cooking
    6. Gardening
    7. Social Networking
    8. Calling my Mama's phone
    9. Take long showers
    10. Sing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickstar View Post
    Thank you for the replies, ladies!

    My daughters dropped down to one nap for probably the last month or so but seeing as she wakes up quite early, around 4:30-5:30am majority of the time she's down for her nap around 10-11am, 12pm if I can get her to stay up that long. She generally naps for 3hrs!

    I'm finding that I'm going a bit stir crazy just staying around home, so I think it'd be good to get out and hopefully start to slowly overcome my anxieties.
    It's just figuring out where to go is the troubling part, especially with only so much money.
    How old is she? Ours always loved the library and we have always been within walking distance. Or the pool? (Around here it's $4 for adult, $2.50 for child, u3's free).

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    I have one in school and two at kindy 2 days now but when they are at home ( or before we had school ) we were always pretty much out at playgrounds, bush walking , doing stuff outside in the garden , I seem to be bogged down with never ending laundry and cleaning . I never sit and read and we don't have normal Tv just DVDs - so the kids might watch a DVD . We do art and playdough , make new swings out of rope outside , go swimming , eat and eat . I never seem to get any time to myself but I can't exactly say what I've done '! Ha ha ha . 8 years of this . Will go back to work when my youngest starts school in 2018 . It will be a huge shock to my system !

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    I have to leave the house at least once a day - or else I go nuts! I too have anxiety and often find my anxiety tells me to stay at home but I feel soooo much better once I've left the house with my kids to socialise or get some fresh air. We do the following:
    Kindergym for DD once per week
    Lunch at my mum and dads place 2 x a week
    Ballet for DD once per week
    Park or walk every day in the late afternoon - I have to walk the dog daily anyway so I try and combine it with some outdoor time for the kids
    Other days we might do library, beach, picnic lunch in a park, play centre, play date at a friends house or just a trip to the shops.

    When I'm at home I try and do most of my housework in the morning when the kids are in a good mood and more likely to play independently. Once DS is asleep I do some one - on - one play with DD, then he wakes and they both have lunch. After lunch (or at lunch) we all do one of the above activities, then come home, DD has a nap, I play with DS. Then hopefully around 30 mins for me when they both nap at the same time, DD gets up, I prep dinner. DS gets up, off to walk the dog, then home for dinner bath and bed routine.

    In terms of getting out of the house I follow Constance Halls advice - 'if it makes you feel anxious it probably means you should do it!'


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