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    Default Child custody

    Stuck in the horrid world on not knowing what to do again.

    the ex is now going for joint custody, inc overnight (during week & weekends) and holidays.

    the problem is that he has been violent towards the boys before, emotionally & physically (but I never called the police and reported it). My eldest is terrified of him and rarely will even go with him in daylight. They have never stayed with him, nor has he asked.

    and my eldest (he's 8) is so scared of having to stay with him, that he says he will kill himself if he is forced to stay with his father. I don't even know how he knows this sort of thing so I spoke to him about it and he knows exactly what it means, but he still sees it as his best option.

    If they go with him I don't know if they'll be safe. I don't know if I'll see them again.

    is there anyway I can stop this, at least until they're old enough to protect themselves?

    i am so so scared

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    I'm sure others can give you better advice but what does your lawyer say?

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    First step is mediation to sort out a parenting plan. Unfortunately if you haven't reported any of the abuse to the police there isn't much you can do.

    Relationships Australia can help you with this. At the end of it you each receive a certificate of attendance if you want to go to court.

    If you are afraid that he will
    Not return your kids after visitation then do not let him have them until a legally binding court ordered parenting plan is in place otherwise if he did take them there is nothing you can do to get a recovery order from the courts. As their dad has legal rights to have his kids he can take them and not give them back if he is a real a@@@h@@@

    You could get a referral for a physiologist for your kids aswell to speak about the impact this will have on their mental and emotional health.

    If you think it is going to be a legal battle which is very $$ then I'd suggest start researching an awesome family lawyer but do not tell anyone what you are doing as they could easily tell your X what you are up to


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