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    I just wanted to add that around half of the things you described above are what I consider quite common for the age. My son, nephews, nieces, friends kids etc. do a lot of these things.

    I agree you should definitely have her hearing checked and I'd also set up an appointment with a speech therapist. It all sounds more like language delay issues (which commonly stem from hearing issues). She is not efficiently communicating verbally so she acts out in frustration, needs to walk you to places to convey meaning etc. it's possible she's just being an average indecisive kid when it appears she didn't want anything to eat or it could be she has given up out of frustration trying to communicate what she wants (e.g. She wants the jam ON the stock cube)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mod-Degrassi View Post
    Welcome to bubhub

    To me personally, nothing you have posted screams red flags for SPD.

    You say she is 2 years old - how many months old is she? If she's closer to 2.5 or 3, I would be concerned about her speech/language development and would be looking into speech therapy.

    If you are generally concerned (sounds like your mama instincts are telling you something is amiss), perhaps an appointment with a GP would be a good starting point. Tell them your concerns and ask for a paediatrician referral.

    I'm sure many people will tell you not to worry, but if there is something more complex going on with your DD (SPD or perhaps ASD), early diagnosis is incredibly important. I always think it's best to go with your gut and have things checked out.
    I have 6 kids 3 with spd.

    I agree 100 % with this.

    No big red fags but always go with your gut and get it checked out.


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