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Hi night owl surprise. Yes super cautious, but trying to stay positive and hope for the best. Am on quite a few treatments this cycle compared to previous cycles. So fingers crossed.
My FS said it takes a while for endo to come back if it does - like a 6-12 month period. So I think you've got time. I'm mthfr c677t heterozygous and my fs said to take active folate. Did your Fs mention anything about active folate? I was put on clexane more to prevent mc. Your FS seems quite good though and proactive not every FS thinks endo is a big deal but seems to be! Good luck and let's keep the updates going.
I previously took active folate, but my fs told me that unless normal folate elevated my homocysteine, I didn't need to take active folate. I might get my homocysteine checked as I've been taking i-folic by blackmores.

I really hope the removal of endo works.. He seems to think it will, but it's the first month post endo excision and it was a bfn.. So I'm now wondering if it makes a difference..

How are you going?