I'd be grateful for any personal experiences or extra hints to help an 18 month old settle in childcare2 or 3 days a week.
they are happy with their nanny for a couple of days a week but he isnt a great sleeper but otherwise eats plays is happy.
factors that could be affecting him being unhappy at times in childcare are
There has been some usual illness and teething interupting as well as disruptions re child care teachers changing which all might have contributed.
apparently he howls at times instead of playing, or wants too much one to one teacher attention, or doesnt want other children around him, i dont know if anything scary has happened to hime perhaps from a child and he has remembered it or if he simply likes watching the other children especially sicne he isnt walking so some would tower over him.also perhaps he doesnt play with all toys readilly, as he particularly enjoys ones with batteries and buttons that will do something and most childcare toys and not like that. He is not autistic but i wonder if playing with him, teaching him almost to play with other toys will help.
At a relatives house there was an adult that he adored, and toys, and yet he started howling even when not tired or hungry, though hunger and tiredness might be contributing at times in childcare
Its gone on for a while , and i've been told that some people notice that children who go to childcare 3, 4, or 5 days a week settle faster than some of the children who go just 2 days a week and consecutive days which means theres a 5 day gap each time. perhaps it might be good to attend childcare daily for a few weeks to settle in and then cut it back. for the moment its been increased to 3 days a week.
i'm trying to work out what might be affecting that he is unhappy there and what can be done about it as the centre is a good one so i dont think its to do with that.
illness, change of staff, 5 days break and 2 days a week not being enough to get use to it , hungry, tired, toys, children towering over him, not loving the toys?