Hi ladies

I'm currently 25, and feeling so anxious about having another baby, my DS is nearly 6, so not wanting to wait too long otherwise I feel I won't have the patience for a new baby lol

My partner and I have discussed it, and he would 'prefer' to wait another 12 months to discuss it again, but wouldn't be mad if it happened.

Currently, I tip the scale at 137. I know it's selfish on my behalf to think about getting pregnant at this weight, I currently do my best to go to the gym and eat right while working full time - I'm just looking for stories from ladies who had a healthy normal pregnancy while being overweight

and also, my partner was born with a cleft lip and palate, and I've been looking up studies of it being hereditary (another reason I think my partner is hesitant to have a baby) - have many people who's partners or parents/in laws had such issues been passed to their babies?

Thanks ladies x