Hi all,

My DD is 3.5 months now. We have been offered an admission into Masada 5 day residential earlier than expected in a couple of weeks. This will mean that my DD will be 4 months at that time instead of 5.5 months if we attend on our original date in mid Nov.

My question is, will it be more effective if we go at 5.5 months instead of 4 months? I have read that Controlled Comforting, which Masada does, is only recommended for over 6 months old. DD only catnap during day and is also an unreliable night sleeper, waking from 4-10x at night. In terms of my sanity, I have actually arranged for a nanny to assist me till end of the year anyway, so kinda not too desperate in that sense ( i was when i signed up with Masada). I would like to hear from moms who have attended Masada with LO or have tried controlled comforting at any particular age and find it is best to do CC or attend sleep school at that age. Thanks heaps!