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    Default It hasn't even been 2 weeks..

    ..And I feel lost. I feel like I have lost myself since becoming a mum to my 2nd baby. I want to burst into tears almost every hour and I just feel hopeless like nothing will ever get better. Part of me knows it can and it most likely will but it feels so far away. My partner says I was the same when I had my son; always stressing and crying often but I just don't remember those early days and it being this hard! I miss my eldest, he is coping better with the change better than me.
    The sleep deprivation is hard.. And when I try to nap during the day I just can't. Like my body refuses to sleep until it's night time, when I'm not going to get the sleep I need.

    My partner has been my only support I've wanted the last 2 weeks but he will be back at work next week and I am dreading it badly, I feel like I'll just spend the day in tears and nothing around the house will ever get done.

    Just wish time would speed up so it can get better...

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    Honey, have you been to the dr, or have you seen your MCHN?

    Don't worry about the house right now. Focus on yourself and your kids.

    It will get better, it doesn't feel like it now, but it will

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    I think a visit to your doctor to discuss how you are feeling is probably in order.

    The house can wait. It isn't important. If you can get some family or friends, or even hired help in to do it, if it will stop you stressing about it, that may be worthwhile too.

    Huge, huge hugs x

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    Hi Karina,

    I know that this post is a little old but I just wanted reach out and reassure you that it will get better and that you aren't alone.

    Going through post partum and adjusting to life with two children is rough to say the least.

    For now just put all your focus on healing, getting to know baby, and siblings getting to know each other - even if this means sitting on the couch all day just the three of you. Leave the housework and everything else that doesn't need immediate attention. Ask for help or even if you can hire a baby sitter to come and be with you to help care for your other child in those first few weeks while you are still healing and adjusting to life with two. It's so important to have others apart from your hubby to help you through the post partum period. Call on mum, in-laws, siblings, friends, neighbours, anyone! Also make sure you are eating well, taking a good iron / daily supplement as this can make feelings of stress, anxiety, worry 1000x worse.

    Take it easy on yourself, take each moment/ day, minute, hour as it comes.

    Sending lots of hugs.


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