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    Hi lovelies,

    I'm just starting out on my journey and am curious to see if any of you have had positive experience or success with Clomid and a Pregnyl trigger shot and follow up injections. This is what I'll be trying this cycle (my first official treatment cycle) and it all sounds very promising.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS 12 years ago and now being 24 wanting to start our family, we've gone straight to the experts at Repromed.

    I've just had a 72 day cycle and today is day 1 of my this treatment round so any tips or advice would be much appreciated.

    Goodluck to all!


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    Hi! I am doing my first cycle of clomid and pregnyl this month! Clomid has been interesting but I think it is different for everyone!

    I have an ultrasound on Friday to confirm I'm all good for the trigger, then all going well we will proceed with IUI on Saturday!

    I have PCOS as well and our only concern is TOO many follicles - our fertility specialist won't proceed if there are more than two due to risk of multiples and my age!

    Hope your first cycle is successful! Good luck!


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