Hi parents,

HeadsUp-DigitalKids is a campaign aiming to raise awareness on mobile addiction among kids under 12 years old.


Mobile device is gaining popularity globally as a playing and entertainment tool for children nowadays. Whilst mobile device can be a great tool for education, international researches have found out that mobile device can cause addiction to kids at a young age along with negative mental impacts and emotional instability.

HeadsUp-DigitalKids is passionate in creating a conversation in Australia on this issue and hoping parents are able to share ideas with us on our Facebook page.

We hope that with your sharing, more Australian parents will be aware of the risks that digital kids are exposed to.

PS: mention @HeadsUpDigitalKids in Facebook or Tweet with @headsupdigital on your ideas of alternatives as oppose to mobile entertainment, you may be featured in our blog ! ('discover the fun' series)

thank you everyone