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    Default Tenancy advice

    So I found the current house we are living in on gumtree. The process was only filling out an application and handing the bond over plus two weeks rent. There was no lease signed therefore meaning no period of time ever being discussed as to how long we would be staying here.
    I'm currently searching for new rental but haven't found the right one yet.. Today I called the landlord and let him know that I was looking and he said o would need to give him 6 weeks notice.
    I know that's not right.. I know it's 21 days, but my question is, if there was no lease signed do I even need to give notice? (Of coarse I will give as much notice as possible) but I feel like this whole was really dodgy and now I'm scared I'm going to lose my bond

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    Considering you haven't signed a lease my question is did he give you a receipt for the bond because if he hasn't all the rent you've paid to him would be cash in hand to him which means he wouldn't of declared to the taxation dept.

    My best bet would be to call the rental tribunal and check with them first before you speak to him again.

    But myself also being a landlord I don't put dates on my leases I only stipulate that any tenants give me 1 months notice to vacate and it all goes in writing and when they vacate and the property is cleaned etc the tenant gets their bond back

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    Please make sure in future you always sign a lease as it gives you more protection and solves any drama ! ( plus private rentals are red flags for agents when you apply for new properties)

    Even though you didn't sign one you still are technically covered by the standard terms and conditions so yes 21 days is all you need to give - your landlord legally has to submit your bond to the bond board ( highly unlikely he did which is a $2200 fine) so I would ring the bond board first and double check that, then ring him and say you've checked and they don't have it and to save the drama let you give your required 21 days notice and give you your bond back at the last day and you won't cause a fuss

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