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    I love this quote "there is a secret in our culture and it is not that birth is painful but that women are strong".

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    Well I will have to go against the grain here and say that I've had 3 drug-free natural births, & I really dont find birth painful. (Sorry everyone). It was intense with the strength of the contractions, but it didnt hurt. It felt great, giving birth is the best thing I've done! I love it. I hope it goes really well for you,op.

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    I have always feared labor, the idea put me off having kids for years, I actually had decided I would never ever do it, when my husband proposed I told him not to marry me if he ever wanted kids. Fast forward 8 years and I found myself pregnant and absolutely horrified. I didn't enjoy pregnancy, I had sciatic and the worst reflux almost the entire time. I went way over to 42 weeks and from about 36 weeks I was a nervous wreck, I ended up being induced. On the day one of the midwives told me the chemicals the body releases as a result of anxiety directly opposes the chemicals needed for labor, that was a big aha moment (I have anxiety and had been seeing new a psychologist to prepare me). I'm not gonna lie, as soon as labor started the pain was real, I had a goal to get to 4-5cm without pain relief, I decided it was too much and asked for an epidural, the midwife checked and I was at my goal! Once the epidural hit it was like magic, no pain and I found I was able to cope with the idea of pushing and when the boy was getting ready to get out I stopped the epidural bolas and let myself feel the pain again, pushing for me was less painful than the beginning but still painful, but thanks to the awesome midwife I had I felt so empowered and got through it with no further intervention. The relief when your baby is born is amazing night and then there is that moment when they are in your arms and you are in a world of bliss, no amount of pain could ever stop me from wanting to experience that again.

    So I guess in a very long winded way is this; it is totally normal to be nervous, the staff that help you through it are excellent at helping you, your not going to be alone, you have options, you are going to love the end result and what you feel for that baby trumps everything.

    I'm so happy for you that you get to do this. It's awesome.

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    Read up on positive birth stories, watch water births on YouTube, educate yourself about the process and how to make it a positive experience.

    Birth is wild and intense but can also be wonderful ! Feeling safe is very very important and a big part of that is having a known care provider in labour. Have a look in your area for a care provider that suits your needs.

    I went with a homebirth program so I had the same 2 midwives from 12 weeks pregnant to 4 weeks post partum. My primary midwife also looked after me in my first pregnancy.

    There's an option of domino care where they will birth you in hospital or a birth centre which appeals to many.

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    Knowledge is power! My advice is to educate yourself about birth as much as you can.

    I found birth to be a really positive experience. I went in feeling positive and while it is intense, I felt in control the whole time. Honestly, positive birth is possible. I'm anxious by nature but felt that if I could keep my headspace right, it could be a good thing. It was, twice. I'm not saying it didn't hurt, but to me it's productive pain - it's leading you to meeting your bub. Hope this helps X


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