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    We had:
    0-4 car seat. Never bothered with a capsule. It was fine.
    Boori furniture for the nursery - still in use over a decade later. The cot converted to a toddler bed. We still have the cot. It's the one thing I can't part with.
    Change table is a must imo. We used it constantly, it was great for storage. I'd dress my toddlers and do their hair on it, too. When I worked out the cost per year, it was nothing. Well worth it for me. It also gave me space to store nappies/wipes/the plastic mat etc.
    I used one pram. I didn't even get a bassinet. Just got one that lay down flat. Prams don't excite me at all, so didn't want to purchase many...and I hated umbrella strollers (was given one...so crap to use).
    My kids were all straight in to 000's, no 0000's got used here (too big from birth).
    No mittens - a lot of your suits have the arm part that folds over the hands.
    A good carrier is a must.
    Baby bath Iks a waste of time.
    Buy a pump when you need one. They're easy to get, and expensive to buy as a just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoopuf View Post
    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm starting to think about what we will need to buy for our first baby. We still have loads of time to organise everything (I'm only 10 weeks), but I'd like to have a rough idea of what we are up for and what I should be looking for.

    We won't be painting or decorating a nursery because we will be renting at the time the baby arrives, and I also won't be having a baby shower because I'll be living in a different state to all of my family and friends so I'll have nobody to invite haha!

    Money is not really an issue, but I'd prefer not to go overboard purely because I hate wasting things and we are quite minimalistic in our living in general.

    So far I have on my list:

    - stroller (do these come so that you can use them from newborn to toddler, or do I need to get separate ones?)

    - car seat (same question I guess - is it a capsule I need for a newborn?)

    - cot

    - change table (necessary?)

    - clothes, nappies, bibs, wraps etc

    - baby bath (necessary? Or will the sink suffice?)

    I'm completely clueless ... What else do they need? Any help or suggestions of things you found to be super useful or a complete waste of money would be greatly appreciated
    Well said. I actually bought most of these for my DD. Stroller, car seat, cot, nappies, nappy bag, and clothes of course.

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    1. Breast Pump
    2. Diapers for new born
    3. A Crib, Bassinet, or Co-Sleeper
    4. Swaddle Blankets
    5. Maxi Pads and Ice-Packs
    6. Baby PJs
    7. Burp Clothes

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