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    Default Medication that causes weight gain - experiences?

    I've recently started taking a drug to prevent migraines (Amitriptyline) - so far so good, but it is one of those drugs that lists weight gain as a possible side effect. I'm on a very low dose, so I'm hoping it's not a huge issue (literally)!

    What is the deal with the weight gain - is it generally because your appetite increases and you're eating more? Or does it slow down your metabolism?

    I have noticed I'm a bit hungrier, but as of today I'm watching myself with food because I've been too relaxed with eating in general (winter comfort eating/too many treat foods).

    Just wondering what others have experienced - has anyone had significant weight gain from a drug? Or have you taken a drug that 'may cause weight gain' but it's had no such effect?

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    Not myself but my brother. He's been taking a certain drug for nerve damage where he went from the fittest, toned guy to being severely overweight. A lot of his weight looks to be fluid so I wonder if fluid retention could be a cause of some peoples weight gain with certain meds?
    I know I put on a lot of weight with the pill/drug Provera that was used to treat my endo. Didn't eat more or differently, just gained weight!


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