This is my 8th pregnancy. I have three children (have had a missed miscarriage at ten weeks, an ectopic, and normal miscarriages)
i am incredibly tired. I have never felt like this. I
just want to sleep all the time - obviously I can't I have three kids lol. I haven't exercised since I was three weeks pregnant but have been trying to keep up my walking. This is hard because I'm so tired and I am also just completely nauseas all the time. I have yet to actually vomit though which is nice as with my others I did quite a lot. But the constant feeling of wanting to is making life a little hard. I also have the sore breasts. My poor daughter keeps cuddling up to me and gets moved away because it hurts soooo much. When I do too much cleaning I am having very bad stomach pains and because of my history this has me concerned even though I know it can be stretching etc
What did you or do you do to fight this fatigue? I'm lucky because I don't work at the moment but I have placements coming up and this also requires travel for two hours each way for me. I'm very scared I am not going to cope I am barely coping right now . I'm trying to listen to my body and rest because I don't feel like I can go through losing another one. Thanks for any advice