Newbie here

This is my first month TTC and im looking for a bit of advice and some opinions.

Possible TMI below...

But firstly, a bit of background info: I am 27, healthy paps, no STI's now nor previously. I did have one miscarriage at 14 weeks when i was 20 (previous partner) and have never tried to conceive since... until now.

As per my calculations, i should be currently ovulating. Last night my DP and i did the BD and i experienced some bleeding . It wasn't like a murder scene or anything a few spots on the bed and the rest on him. Once i cleaned my self up, there was no more bleeding. The only time I've experienced bleeding during sex is when AF has been due.

Does anyone have any advice or opinions on what could cause this ? I don't want to be that women that rushes to the DR over every little thing and as i said previously i have clear paps and no STI's etc.

Look forward to learning and sharing my journey with you all.