We really hope that this ad resonates with someone amazing that would love to help us to complete our family.

Our family so far is myself and DH (together for more than 15 years) and DS who is now 4 and a half. Originally we'd tried for two siblings 18 months apart- but obviously life has its own plans! DS would so love a baby brother or sister!

We also have 5 x chooks and Charlie-doggy that we love very much. We live in a stable environment in Northern NSW, between the forest and the coast.

It has been a big year. I turned 45 and got to our no more IVF cycles benchmark. After many many back-to back cycles (and oh so many meds!) this was hard to get our heads around. Our specialist suggested the ‘while we wait for our donor to find us’ IUI cycle. And then our- ‘just in case very lucky last IUI cycle’ came next. Sadly neither of these got us pregnant

We feel that there is a sibling for our little boy out there somewhere. It has always felt like it was ‘meant to be’, but we need someone amazing to donate eggs to help us get there.

Just maybe that’s you

For anyone excited enough to read on(!), here is a bit more about us:

Why not go Overseas?
We will be open with our child about their beginnings. We like the idea that our child can know their donor family, so that there is no mystique. Preferably we would like some contact. Not sure what that looks like- we would like the connection with our donor to naturally unfold.

Another baby feels like it will complete our family. We all feel it in our unique way:

  • DS has been whispering in my ear ‘Mummy, when can I have a little brother or sister?’ and if I ever bloat after eating he asks me if there is a baby in there! (Usually in public.. oops!-Awkward!)
  • DH is a touring audio guy. He spends a lot of time away from home with work commitments. He has had to deal with our infertility stress while away and without much support. I look forward to seeing him relaxing into being a papa for a new little one again. He is an amazing dad- kids love him!

  • For me, to find a donor feels like I can take my life off hold. I put many things aside when our fertility journey took over, including some work projects (I worked in theatre, music and events) completion of my training to support other women on a breastfeeding helpline, and a mums and bubs events newsletter. Finding a donor feels it will open my life back up.

I loved being pregnant and DS will start ‘big’school next year- so this will be a nice balance of focus on him, and some ‘me’ time enjoying pregnancy. I have run preschool music classes for the local neighbourhood centre (4+ years) as my way to contribute to my local community. I look forward to meeting and supporting a whole new circle of mummas when I start back with baby classes, hopefully juggling a new bub myself!

I can already anticipate the laughter and silly times the four of us will have together as a family, and feel excited to imagine the fun adventures that might unfold.

We would love to find someone special to help us. We prefer to find someone under 30 if possible. We will look after our lovely 'Angel' and cover all out of pocket expenses. We see Dr Kee Ong at Monash IVF, and are hoping ideally for someone local.

We would really love to hear from someone that this ad appeals to, and are happy to share more. We welcome you to get in touch! In deep gratitude. x