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    Default Going From 2 to 3 Kids? Help / Advice Needed

    Can anyone offer me some advice / words of wisdom...
    I am sitting here racking my brain for the right choice, I know ultimately only I can make the decision but anyway, I am trying to decide whether to start trying for our third baby this month, I am running out of time for this cycle ( I ovulate in the next day or two) which is why I am sitting here going crazy.
    So we already have two kids 3 years and 11 months (almost 1). I want to have another baby I just don't know when? This month was the month I originally had in mind to start trying but now it's here I am so torn.
    I do want my kids close in age, but would this be too close? I keep trying to imagine and work out how I would handle 3, it's hard some days with 2.
    My 11 month old still feels like a baby, I don't want to put her out in anyway. When I am pregnant I am so sloth like, slow moving and I hate that. I need to be able to just get up and go and move. If I'm not pregnant then it will be easier for me to get out and about with my little ones and do things with them, I don't want them to miss out.
    Last pregnancy I had pretty bad morning sickness and was soooo tired for the first 12 weeks.
    I know I have to go through all this to get to the end result so i'm hoping someone may have felt similar and if so how did you get through it?
    Also how is it having 3 kiddies?

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    Is your 3 year old going to 4 year old kinder next year? If so, I think it would be great to have 2 at home and being able to focus a little more on the younger ones, especially if your 11 month old still feels like a baby to you. You'd be able to spend a couple of months with just you and your 11 month old while your oldest is at kinder.

    To be honest I find having a baby while I have the other 3 in both kinder and school difficult for naps.

    I think the timing would be great if you want to have all your children together, but I guess it also depends on your youngest child's temperament. Would she be jealous of the baby etc?

    Good luck!

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    I personally like the 3 year gap we have between our 3 boys! The previous was going into kindy when the next came along so that 1 on 1 time with the younger was nice. We never had 2 in nappies, 2 in cots, 2 teething etc. Having 3 for us is no different having 2.
    Only you can decide if the time is right to have another.

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    I'd let my DS1 join school before the third.


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