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    Default Snotty baby

    Hi all

    I'm not sure how else to help my DD who is now 11 weeks old.

    DH and I have spent the past month very sick (coughing badly, congestion, fever etc) but luckily DD only copped a blocked nose. The only thing is her nose cleared for a week or so and now it's back!

    So far I use a vaporiser and an aspirator which doesn't do much unless she sneezes. The congestion seems to be dripping down into her throat and causing her to cough, but her nose is clear. Does that make sense? It bothers her most when she starts breathing heavily in deep sleep.

    She is feeding without issue but it's the sleep we can't afford to disturb - it takes a lot of convincing to get her to snooze! If I put her on an incline it does help her so I might buy a sleep wedge for the cot, but I would rather a more permanent fix! I feel so sorry for my little poppet.

    Just looking for advice from others on whether it could be the following - reflux (though she's not a big crier so I don't feel that's what it is), allergies to dust mites or maybe the dogs hair (though the dog has been outside only since she was born, her hair still gets around somehow), dairy sensitivity (she's EBF), just a newborn issue or a sinus infection.

    I think I will take her to a doctor, even though they will most likely tell me it's to do with her age and not to worry (I've lost faith in doctors since having a baby )


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    Default Snotty baby

    Oh your poor poppet sorry nobody's responded to your post @Renbird

    I don't think anyone in a forum can really tell you why she's congested.

    I just to let you know I have huge empathy for you, dd2 is always snotty but it's awful right now and is so snotty and congested and there's very little you can do to help apart from the vaporiser and aspirator. It tried to use the flo nasal spray but it makes her cry so much. I also struggle to give her panadol. It 's hard to watch them drowning in mucus, I know how awful that would be, trying to breathe and snot in your nose on all over your face, and don't forget the lack of sleep is awful too!

    Hope she gets well soon xxx

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    Does her breath smell bad? Or is she still baby sweet?
    I've found if they still smell baby sweet its probably just congestion (incline, vaporizer/humidifier, aspirator etc) but if her breath smells it might've worth a trip to the dr xo


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