Hi guys,

After doing a lot of research, I finally decided to go to Mater Private (South Brisbane) for the baby delivery. However I am struggling with choosing the right OB.

I understand all the OBs @ Mater are very experienced and each of them has heaps of big fans. However I would like to hear what you think about his/her personality. I used to see a couple of doctors at different hospitals and then found out I feel more comfortable with those who are gentle, warm ,comforting and smiling rather than those distant or overly professional (not saying they are not good but they seems more serious and way too professional).

Another requirement is I need an OB who can speak Standard English without strong accent. Forgive me if this sounds racist. But seriously I didn’t mean it at all. The problem is my DH is working as FIFO. So my mum will accompany me to most of the appointments. It is highly likely that DH won’t be here during the labor. My mum can speak English but not very fluent. She can understand if some can speak clearly and slowly. Last week we went to see a doctor who is from UK that really drove her crazy. The gentlemen has strong British accent and talked very fast. She could only catch 60% of what he said.

I was thinking to visit some OBs at Mater and then find out who I feel comfortable with. But I gave up after ringing the hospital as their initial appointments are not cheap. Especially that there are so many names on the website, I really have no idea where to start.

So guys, could you please help me out? I don’t mind if the OB is male or female. As long as they are nice and don’t have strong accent. I have high risk pregnancy (run in my family), so I really need someone whom my mum can communicate with easily if something happen to me.

Thanks in advance guys!!!