Hi all, this is my first time posting, I'm 36 was diagnosed with endo when I was 25 had a lap/hysc to remove from ovaries, uterus and bowel. Had been on pill ever since and most of symptoms reduced so didn't think much of it until beginning to TTC 8 months ago. Was referred to Lyn Burmeister, just had another lap/hysc, removed some endo, have a fibroid but isn't abutting cavity, removed a cyst from left tube, right tube is clubbed and twisted, with two holes near uterus but both are clear (probably endo had damaged it). Have started 50mg Clomid to try and get mature follicles on left (good) side and absolutely hating the side-effects (dizzy, headache almost all day, so bloated, hot flushes at night). Just did an ultrasound and unfortunately only 1 mature follicle on right, so will increase to 75mg clomid next cycle. But I wonder given my age, how much I'm hating Clomid, am the potential for an ectopic from my right, whether we should go straight to IVF next if we are wanting a chance at having 2 kids. Any thoughts, advice be appreciated! Or does anyone have any tips on dealing with side-effects of Clomid?