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    Default Heart murmur in cat

    Our vet has advised against desexing our young male cat due to a "category 5" heart murmur. We have another (desexed) male cat at home and they are starting to fight.

    This is stressful! Vet recommends an echocardiogram/ultrasound at the cost of $400+ and then will advise, with the outcome likely a lifetime of medication. I've never needed to medicate an animal before and feel conflicted about it...

    I know it's a weird one but has anyone else been through similar with their pet?

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    Not a heart murmur but my last kitty cat had diabetes and had to be given insulin twice a day. We kept her going for several years until it all got too much for her. The medication was just routine so not an issue in that regard. Its awful when your pets become unwell and you just want the best outcome for them. Good luck

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    Same as @Tinkers. My cat had diabetes and was insulin dependent (twice daily) for years.

    It was a total PITA having to arrange cat-sitters if I ever wanted to go away for a weekend (or even an afternoon!) Finding willing people who could inject him without fainting/vomiting was difficult

    But I digress....

    The main issue with your cat is the fact that he is male. Now, please correct me if I'm wrong, but if he doesn't get de-sexed won't he pee everywhere? I know years ago my boy pee'd on the couch and you will never get that smell out. The vet said it was because he hadn't been de-sexed - not that I didn't want to, but he'd not yet met the minimum age requirement to be de-sexed and started spraying early

    So if you take your vet's advice and don't de-sex (and I can understand why you would do that under the circumstances) what will you do with puss? Make him an outside cat?

    You have a lot to think about hon. It's hard, because I'm one of those people who loves their pets more than most humans I come across! But obviously, cost has to come into this decision as well as potential outcomes you might have to face.

    I don't envy you. Sorry you're having to go through this
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    Cats with heart murmurs can be very difficult to diagnose without a cardiac ultrasound, and that is best performed by a veterinary cardiologist - a lot of cats with heart problems have a very poor prognosis. Unfortunately these cats can die very easily from an anaesthetic, and yes I have had that happen in my long veterinary career. It really sucks for everyone involved, especially the cat! At least with a proper assessment and diagnosis you will have a much better idea of your cat's chances.

    Entire male cats are often not nice pets due to their unpleasant pee-ing habits. Cat urine really stinks! I'd really recommend taking the referral and getting your cat diagnosed properly. I guess the other option is being aware the kitty may not survive an anaesthetic or the recovery after

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