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    Default Soft markers but Amnio Normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brookef View Post
    Thanks for your reply. If you don't mind me asking how did it all turn out for you?
    @brookef - my baby had an absent ductus venosus. A tiny duct that controls the volume of blood flow through the heart and that disappears after birth. As it was missing the heart was having to work too hard and fluid built up in the lungs and then eventually through all tissue - severe hydrops. As a result she was born at 28 weeks but died a few hours later. Her lungs just hadn't had the chance to develop properly because the fluid had restricted their growth. What my baby had was extremely rare and that was 8 years ago. I had a colleague at work about 2 weeks ago that had an issue with hydrops and her baby survived and is fine because they were able to drain the fluid off in utero whereas they didn't do that 8 years ago.

    As others have said as the amnio was clear you can be confident there are no chromosomal abnormalities. They also tested my babies blood again after birth and it showed clear of any chromosomal abnormalities. So the amnio had been accurate. When they rule that out and there is a high NT, they look to the heart next. Your NT wasn't really high so I think the likelihood of a heart issue is low. In all likelihood the soft markers are just an anomaly that mean nothing in particular . I know it's hard not to worry, I've been through it. The 19/20 week scan is detailed and hopefully after that you will get some piece of mind.


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