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    OP excuse me if I'm way off the mark here...just when you said they're saying its a chicken or the egg situation; it made me see your question from another perspective.

    are you asking "why did this happen" from the perspective that perhaps you blacked out prior to the accident? that is, you lost consciousness (for whatever reason) then proceeded to lose control of the motorbike, hence the accident? is this what the doctors might mean by they don't know which came first, the loss of consciousness or the accident?

    I hope I'm not way off the mark, or adding to the confusion of the situation.

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    OK, with your additional information and turquoisecoast, I think I understand your question.

    Unfortunately I don't think you will ever know. The nature of significant head trauma like yours is that anterograde amnesia is very common (so, no memory of events prior to the head injury), and there isn't any way for the doctors to investigate this now that you've had such trauma.

    So, put another way...if you had a spontaneous intra-cranial bleed, leading to loss of consciousness and hence the fall, and you hadn't had a subsequent head injury, then CT/MRI brain and angiography (dye studies) and cerebral artery ultrasound/Doppler would most likely have revealed this. Essentially, you would have been investigated for the cause of the stroke/TIA ("mini-stroke" called transient ischaemic attack). But now that you've had a skull fracture and associated bleed due to the trauma, it's not possible to tell if this happened.

    But in terms of clinical likelihood, (assuming you are young), it was a motorbike accident with resulting head trauma.

    My advice is to control what you can going forward. Ensure you don't have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and you don't smoke. Increase exercise as you are able.

    Yes, write down questions for your Neuropsychologist as you think of them. Discuss your feelings. You may not get the answers you are seeking, but I think it's important to articulate them.

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    Hey thanks for your answers.
    Yes turquoisecoast that's where I am coming from. When we left the hospital to come to rehab we asked for the neurosurgeon to explain it to me.
    Unfortunately they were too busy and even though they promised too no one turned up before I was discharged. Here at rehab they seen my notes but never actually seen my operations like the neurosurgeons at the hospital.
    I'm probably struggling more here as I feel more unsafe then I did at hospital due to the setup and what I recall as the run-ins I had with male nurses.
    The doctor has told me we are looking at discharge on Thursday which means a lot as after attending a funeral last week i have progressed a lot emotionally and mentally by the support I received from so many people i didn't know cared about me.
    I have another ct scan and appointment at hospital next month so maybe if I can't get the answers I want here I have to accept that and wait till then to speak to the neurosurgeon who explained daily to my husband during my 31 days in ICU.
    I really appreciate your help in this situation as down here it is hard to open up to people when you don't feel comfortable but as one of the younger patients here and perhaps one of the most recovered ones the discharge date means an awful lot to me especially as I'm not seeing my children very often at all.

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