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    Quote Originally Posted by Stretched View Post
    It depends on what you want for your kids as swimmers.

    I only ever did school lessons and, despite loving it initially and having natural buoyancy, by grade 2 I was going backwards and my swimming confidence was shattered. I hate that I didn't learn to swim well as a kid and even went back for lessons as an adult.

    DH surfs as well and we'd love the kids to learn. So we want our kids to be highly competent swimmers, which means years of weekly lessons. To us, they are worth every dollar, but if you have different expectations then it may not be worthwhile.

    Additionally, both our kids love lessons AND recreational swimming. If they hated lessons then we may have a different attitude.
    I agree with this. I don't want my kids to just be able to save themselves if they fall into a pool. I want them to able to swim to shore if a boat capsizes 1km out.

    I only had school swimming lessons when k you young, but we had a pool so I turned it a great swimmer. If you don't want to do swimming lessons at least take them to the pool every week or two to build their confidence and skills. My kids always make big leaps when we're on holidays and swimming several times a day in a resort pool. I guess that's like the school holiday swim programs.

    Anyway it's like stretched said, it depends on what you want for your child.

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    It depends on what you want. As a kid we did condensed swimming lessons over summer holidays...then we had a pool. My stroke isn't perfect, but I can swim/body surf etc. I'm confident in the water.
    We don't have a pool. My pre-teens still do swimming lessons year round, and we have no plans on stopping. My kids love to surf, so I want to know if they lose their board in the ocean they can swim back to shore. We go to a pool about once a year...we swim in the ocean mainly, so we want our kids to be able to swim a decent distance, and to keep up their swimming skills and strength.
    It totally depends on what you want, though. Some people see swimming as a sport...we see it as being equally important to knowing how to read and write.

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    Default swimming lessons

    Can you do classes outside of school?

    My ds changed swim schools because they refused to pass him. They flat out said he couldn't swim after 1.5 years of proper lessons.

    Cue New Year's Eve pool party at his uncles house and he swam the length of the pool unaided, contrary to what the original swim school thought he was capable of.

    After that I changed to a smaller 1on1 swim school ($1 more expensive a week) and he's been going great guns.

    Just a thought anyway.

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    How does she feel about it? I know if my DS1 failed a level he would feel quite upset about it especially if his friends passed and he didn't. I would chat to the teacher and find out what it was exactly that he needed to work on and as others have suggested I would probably take him to private classes to get him up to scratch, if only to restore self confidence.

    If on the other hand, she isn't worried or doesn't particularly enjoy swimming, I wouldn't push it. Putting unnecessary pressure on might make it worse.

    It could well have just been an off day or unwillingness to participate for whatever reason. I think it really depends on how your DD feels about it.


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