Quick rundown: My ds is quite behind in his reading capabilities and did reading recovery during term 1 & 2 which was excellent and he caught up quite a bit.

Reading recovery is now over and he hasn't been receiving much homework. He is quite a lazy reader so reading books from home or the local library doesn't help him as much as his structured reading homework from last term.

Teacher goes on Mat leave in 2 weeks so I think she's just over it.

So I'd like to be proactive with this.

I'd like to buy some readers and do stuff at home.

I can see that the school uses 'Nelson Cengage PM+' level readers to read.

I've gone on their website to buy a few but if I buy a set of each level it's going to cost me a fortune.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what other readers I can purchase for him?

I really don't want him to lose momentum with this.

Is there a place that I can buy 2nd hand readers perhaps? I tried eBay but maybe there is somewhere else I can go..