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    Default What appointments do I attend!? So confused..

    Hi all 😊 Newby to this forum. I am currently 5-6 weeks pregnant and am looking for some advice on what to do next! I've booked an appointment in with my regular GP which is next week. I assume she will get me to do a blood test and perhaps send me off for a ultrasound? This is my first pregnancy and have no idea how it all works! Will I continue to see my GP throughout the pregnancy or will she refer me on to my public hospital and I will visit them regularly? (I don't have private cover for maternity). I've been trying to track down an Australian pregnancy schedule of appointments but can't seem to find anything! Any help on next steps would be fantastic 😊

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Your GP will advise you of your appointments, just ask. You will get sent for a dating ultrasound so you can be given a due date. Then another ultrasound and blood tests at around 12 weeks for a nuchal scan which is to test for chromosonal abnormalities, around 18-20 weeks, another ultrasound called a morphology scan to check bub's growth and organs and development.Around 26-28 weeks you will be advised to go for a Glucose Tolerance test, which is a series of blood tests over a two hour period. That is to check if you have gestational diabetes. I don't have private health. All three of my babies were born in public hospitals and the staff were great.

    I went to an antenatal clinic from around 18 weeks at the hospital throughout my last pregnancy and saw an obstetrician (I was high risk). You can see your gp and the hospital, this is called shared care. There are other tests that will be offered to you, your GP will discuss with you.

    I've probably left things out...it makes your head spin lol. But enjoy your journey!
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    Congratulations! Are you in WA? Check out this organization. They are awesome and can give you lots of info. GPs can be good but many arent aware of the most recent changes in services available (and lots has changed in Perth with all the new hospitals and services moving around!). Good luck Xxx



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