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    Default 8wks and bleeding


    First time on here and need some advise help reassurance, I'm 8 weeks pregnant IVF baby first round (yay) unfortunately for the last 3 weeks I have been bleeding, it started off brown which I know is old blood but then I kept having bleed outs of very red and heavy bleeding, had a large clot, went to the ED and they did scans and bub is growing and heart beat is strong but I am still scared that I could miscarriage can anyone advise please.

    Thanks L

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    Hi there, I had the same thing at 6 1/2 weeks. Went to my OB and I had a burst blood vessel. I was only spotting and it was brown but she said she would be concerned if it was pink/red. It has now stopped as she put me on some medication. Have another scan on Thursday to check if its healing. I was told the more the baby grew the less chance of miscarriage. I was also told to take it easy but not to the point of bed rest as I know alot of girls have had to do this in the past. Some girls just bleed through pregnancy and you might be one of the unlucky ones?? As long as your bub is growing strong you should have nothing to worry about! Fingers crossed xx


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