I'm just wondering what others think about my situation and how I want to handle it.

I moved interstate at the beginning of the year. Finding work in my new city is abit harder than my old city. I work in Govt and I really need experience working in my new State.

I have gotten myself a maternity leave contract and I really enjoy the work. I was hoping it would lead to something more permanent. However my team (in which I sit right in the middle of) is really cliquey! They are all about 10 to 15 to years younger with no kids. They socialise and travel together they are basically as thick as thieves. They haven't been horrible to me or anything just totally uninterested and abit cold.

In a way I'm kinda ok with this. I've never really socialized with work mates. But its kind of thrown me as I feel like I'm in an almost hostile environment at times.

I really need this job and I need a good reference. I'm very good at ehat I do as well but I just feel that not being part of the clique will work against me especially as the person giving me a reference is part of the cool crowd.

I'm really busy at work and I study. I just feel like going in, saying hi being professional and polite but just do my work not saying anything to anyone then start looking for a new job 8 months into the MAT leave.

Has anyone had any experience in this? Most my work life I've worked with down to earth people. These girls and I just don't gel.