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    We catch each other briefly every morning before he leaves for work and then when he returns late on in the evening. Not enough - is the answer. We try to fill as much time as possible with each other at the weekends, but his mind is still on work.

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    In the past, whoever left first would wake the other with a goodbye kiss and a coffee. Then we would text pretty often (at least once and hour) all day, and check in when on the way home. Whoever was heading home first would ask if anything was needed from the shops.
    We would have a conversation about our day over dinner, and chit chat about random stuff for the rest of the evening.

    That changed about 4 months ago- though it had been coming for about two years (not slowly, I mean our relationship was changing but the above was the same).

    Now, we say goodbye if up and hello when back. Check in if needed (ie "I will be late due to meeting" "Baby made this face _insert pic_"). I am responsible for shopping, etc.
    We are housemates rather than anything else at the moment.
    We still chat about our day over dinner though.

    ETA: he is currently away for up to 9 weeks. Left Monday morning, didn't wake me. Text when he landed and calls once in the evening. Again, we check in when we feel the need- I send a pic of bubba at least once each day, and he checks in at least twice more.

    E(again)TA: Just on the topic of "rudeness" and how often people speak to their OH. H generally works 8am-pm plus an hour commute each way. Our hourly texts were often "hey you still alive x" "hanging in there love x" "good check in soon x"
    Had someone once comment on me being "glued" to my phone. It literally took less than 3 minutes each hour.... whereas she would get a work call maybe twice and be on the phone for at least 40 minutes. *shrug*

    Quote Originally Posted by turquoisecoast View Post
    well who doesn't speak to their best friend often though? isn't that usually the reason they're you're best friend?
    I speak to mine once a week lol

    But she is in a different country.

    My closest friend here is currently staying with me, as H is overseas, but other than that, we speak maybe twice a week.
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    Partner works only 15 hours a week so he's home a lot. We do a lot as a family.. When the kids go to bed (usually around 10pm) we talk. Just us. When they go to church kidsclub on Friday evening we talk in depth. When we have the kids babysat once a month (sometimes over night) we talk. Every chance we get we talk. We talk with the kids around too but adult conversation obviously when they aren't around.

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    We chat every morning getting ready for work or heading out exercising. We occasionally email or text through the day if we need to check on or advise each other on something. Not so much on the hey what are you doing though. Unless one of us is having a difficult week we might check in for the sake of caring and supporting each other.

    We always chat each evening over cooking dinner in bed. We don't message or check in if out with friends unless we are planning to be later or changing plans just as a curtesy.


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