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    Default Rural couple in search for the golden egg.

    Hello there,
    I am new to this site and it is taking a bit of time to familiarise myself with it.

    To introduce myself, I am Jo, my husband of 7 years isLachie and together we have a nearly 3yo daughter Georgie. Lachie and I are aged 46 and 44 respectively.

    We are a committed, loving and financially secure family who live on a family operated grazing property in NSW. Isolated but close enough totown to make it a day trip, 125km each way.

    Due to marrying late in life, we didn’t start our family until our little miracle arrived 3 years ago. After some 12 or 13 unsuccessful attempts at IVF, we've lost count of the exact number, we now require a generous donor to fulfil our yearning for another child and a sibling for our little girl who is the love of our life. She is such a happy cherpy little sole. Nothing would make us more happier than running around laughing and helping feed the animals. Nothing would make us more happier than sharing our love with 2 children.

    My IVF story is very long and involved so I will try to summarise it. 2011 saw my first visit to an IVF clinic in Adelaide to talk about my erratic cycles but the FS pointed the finger at my husband. Unbeknown to me at the time, I was pregnant but lost it 7 weeks later. The local (town)Gyno/Obst performed a D&C and told me I wasn’t ovulating properly and put me on Clomid for 6 mths. I was double ovulating but not falling pregnant and I wasn’t monitored. 2012 we were referred to another clinic in Adelaide and after the 1st cycle of IVF it was found that I had a thin endometrium and uneven cell structure. Any wonder I couldn’t fall pregnant! 6 months later and several biopsies, my endometrium cell structure had corrected but the endometrium was still thin. 2013 I fell pregnant naturally and gave birth to a little girl named Georgie. Since early 2014 myhusband and I have been trying to create no 2. After 10-11 cycles of IVF I have managed 3 natural miscarriages and 1 IVF miscarriage. My FS has said I could keep trying IVF waiting for the right egg or look for a donor which will probably be quicker and have a higher success rate. Here I am looking for a donor.

    When Georgie was born my hip began to wear out. I was born with CDH (congenital dysplasia of the hip) and had 2 operations at age 4 o fwhich 1 was successful. I haven’t had a problem throughout my life until I fell pregnant and it worsened after I gave birth. My local GP told me that Orthopaedics wouldn’t do anything until I was 120% sure I was finished having children. For 2 years Lachie and I struggled to have no.2 so I could get my hip fixed. By fate, last year I found an orthopaedic that specialised in my problem and he had a patient who had her hips pinned and was 6 months pregnant at thetime. After hearing this I decided to have it replaced as I could not carry a child in the state I was in and my little girl was missing out on things because I couldn’t move freely to play with her. March this year the deed was done and my Orthopaedic has given me the all clear to be able to carry a child if I wish and live life.

    The 3 of us live on a large station in NSW raising cattle,sheep and goats. Children growing up in isolated areas have a wonderful childhood. They are so safe and free to express themselves and play and able to go to work every day with their parent/s to help with the daily running of the property. Our children will be schooled by School of the Air. Activity weeks are arranged once or twice a term where the children all meet up and the mothers have a get together. On the downside, our children will have to go to boarding school after School of the Air. However the pets will always be aroundwaiting for them to come home. The mix of livestock and domestic pets are tremendous surroundings to live within - we are blessed to be able to enjoy it as our work and pleasure. We also have our own honey as my husband is a beekeeper for himself.

    Georgie attends children’s music group, swimming lessons and day-care every Monday. We live on a lake and dams close by so a child living here must learn to swim. She is enrolled into casual day-care so she can develop her social skills which can be underdeveloped when living in remote areas. A child needs to be a child is mybelief, and not grow up too quickly by being around adults all the time.Georgie loves her Monday trip to town.

    My interests are horse sports and general riding, leatherwork,cricket, rugby union, visiting my family, restoring old furniture, caving, walking, breeding chickens, mustering and attending 2nd hand sales to find that illusive bargain. I also travelled overseas for 3 years when I was in my 20’s.

    My husband's interests are bee keeping, reading books of personal endeavour, V8 supercars, beekeeping, attending 2nd hand sales for that elusive bargain and his love is coming home to give his little girl a big hug. He also travelled overseas for short trips.

    We currently use a clinic in Adelaide and would preferably like to utilise an Adelaide clinic as it is easy for us to access. In saying that, we would consider travelling the eastern seaboard for the right donor. All reasonable medical expenses will be paid for.

    Any donor child we have must know where its biological roots come from. We are happy with yearly updates or semi regular contact. Once the child turns 18, it can decide whether it wants to make contact or not.

    If you are under 38 and our lifestyle appeals to you, we would love to hear from you

    Thank you for reading our story.

    The 3 of Us
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