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    Well, not sure I'd call it a chore... but we make sure we dtd when I O. If neither of us are really in the mood, we joke about how this time is purely for reproduction purposes. It's very in and out (pun might've been intended there...) But it's discussed in a very light-hearted/jokey manner.
    We still enjoy dtd when we're not trying, but we both get so busy and I go to bed much earlier than DH, so it's very easy to not carve out time.
    So when I O, we just make sure we make the time as apposed to waiting for the mood to hit us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by givingitago85 View Post
    Aloria, sorry to hear it is difficult for you. Stress can always make things much much harder! Have you found things that help make it easier and less 'like hard work'?
    I let DH choose when & how often. I give him a heads up about when O is likely (about 10 days out or just after AF is done) and I just go with it. If he's not up for it one night, then we see how he's feeling the next. Generally he likes to just do it on the day we have a positive OPK.


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