Hello everyone out there in the BubHub forums,

My name is Sharni, I'm mum to 5 month old Smith.

As maybe some of you can relate to, becoming a mum means life has changed significantly. Along with all of the amazing things that come along with being a mother, it can also be challenging, disheartening and boring!

To combat this, I've decided to start my own little business. I know there are many incredibly successful people out there who have made a real go of it since having children.

I was hoping some of you might have the time to watch a short (3 min) photo video and then fill out a 10 question, multiple choice survey. It would help me out enormously.

The video is here > https://vimeo.com/176113098/415fa72ec3
The survey link is here > https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/J76PR2P

Thank you all in advance,