First time poster and long time lurker!
I am starting 'controlled comforting' with my 6 month old who has been unwell with a cold and started a habit of being fed to sleep. He also naps for 45 and has done so for many months, but I can see he needs more.
I am reading conflicting information about exactly how to do 'controlled comforting' and wondering if someone could help the problems I forsee.
My lo will start with screaming or protesting, which I am actually fine with... so we put him down/kiss/tell him his tired etc and then walk out. We wait 2 mins, then back are my questions:
- I go in with the aim of reasuring, not calming? Do I touch or pat or look at him? how long do I stay in there?
- If he becomes more worked up, is it against the "rules" to pick him up and then put him down?
Following that, I go back out for 4 mins, then repeat, up to what incriment?
Any specific advice on what worked for your babes would be much appreciated!