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    Default Alternative to rice cereal for 5 month bub

    Do you think that many feed solids early due to their culture? There is a thread on here where there are some members from a different culture and they post what they feed solid wise vs bf or formula and I worry that their baby isn't getting the correct nutrition but from the posts it seems to be their culture to feed them solids early and the type of solids? Just my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonja View Post
    With allergies genuine question as I don't really focus on allergens with solids.

    Do those that focus on timing because of allergies in their own families?
    We don't have a history of allergies in either family but I still researched. I started DS1 at 5.5 months but he wasn't interested until 7.5 so it was pretty fruitless. That's still 'around 6 months' in my book but I wish I had waited a little longer as him not being interested just caused stress, but I got sucked into the sleep trap that solids would help him sleep and I was feeling desperate. With ds2 I'll wait until 6 months unless our pediatric allergist advices otherwise. Ds1 had peanut butter around 8 or 9 months (so I followed those guidelines), can't remember exactly when we tried it, and he still had a reaction so I do find all of the current research interesting. He would have been exposed via my breastmilk as well as peanut butter on a variety of things was my quick go to breastfeeding snack, I am American after all! This thread actually made me realize that because we do not keep peanuts in the house due to ds1 that means that ds2 has had no breastmilk exposure so I'll need to figure out a way to incorporate them into my diet safely.

    I think from all my googling yesterday, and the link Elijahsmum posted showed me that any 4-6 month advice was only on allergy related websites, actual infant feeding guidelines were 'around 6 months' with no mention of 4 months for all 3 countries. I assume this is because the actual guidelines take into consideration other factors besides allergy risk and like Elijahsmum said, because they feel the allergy research isn't conclusive enough to bring it forward.

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    Default Alternative to rice cereal for 5 month bub

    I think also the Allergy studies actually mean start your babies early on foods that are traditionally not started until 12 months like egg and nuts and seafood , they don't mean literally give them peanut butter at 4 months ( there is literally no nutritional benefit at this age) but start all food from 6 months and don't delay foods that years ago we were told too - I know 14 years ago my SIL said she was told no nuts until 2 years old for her twins whereas I gave DS almond butter at 6 months
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