I need some fashion advice? I've had my baby. A beautiful little girl. She is four months and my body is (more or less) back to the way it was before I was pregnant. Adding a few stretch marks.
My problem is this. I need pretty, practical clothing OTHER THAN jeans and a t-shirt. With a baby, I don't know how to do that. I had on an outfit a few days ago (wedges, skinny jeans, a singlet, and a cropped jumper) this is pretty much everyday wear for me. But I was taking my daughter to the doctors.
My husband said I looked like (the s word) and really made me feel that my fashion sense is completely wrong. He asked me "what kind of person wold wear that to take their baby to the doctor" (although his language was much more hurtful. I'm sure you can imagine.
But I have worn the same kind of thing for years and he's never said anything about it before. He's even told me I look nice. I feel very very hurt and lost. I definitely don't want to look like a ****.
Any advice? I need comfortable clothes I can deal with the baby in, do house work in and if they get spewed on or anything they won't be ruined. I tried a few dresses and even those he said "your a grown up with a baby now, you need to dress appropriately". (Again, language edited)
Please help.....