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    Unhappy I think I want to leave ... but I don't know how to!!

    That sounds ridiculous doesn't it but that's how I feel

    DH and I have been married for nearly 16 years and have 2 gorgeous children (DD 12 & DS 8) ... for the past 12 months I guess we have been struggling in our marriage ... arguing all the time, annoying each other all the time, never making time for each other (we don't have a good support system, never have), hubby feels like it's me and the kids against him, there is no passion whatsoever anymore and I look at him as a friend & father of my kids these days, that's about it! We are very rarely intimate anymore and when we are it's like a chore (for me), I have no desire to even go there with him. Because of all this and the lack of intimacy he is sh!tty pretty much on a daily basis and there are so many other things about him, to do with our children, but I won't go into all that now.

    Recently I had a mild heart attack (I'm 43) and I've come home feeling very down, totally exhausted and feel like I'm just going through the motions, can't be bothered fighting anymore - it's all just too had, currently having counselling but that's not helping and I just feel like I'm done. I feel like the right thing to do is end our marriage (even though I don't want my kids to have a broken family, but I don't want to be miserable and show them that it's ok to stay in an unhappy relationship), I know the kids would be ok eventually, but I need to be ok too, I need to live the rest of my life as a happy person don't I? So does my husband! I know I could cope looking after my 2 kids as I've pretty much done it on my own since they were born, however the financial struggle scares me to death ... we have lived well (financially) over the years ... how on earth do I make that first step!

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    Big hugs Hun. Have you considered counselling?

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    Is there any one thing more than anything else that makes you want to leave? Is the the arguing, or lack of passion ect?


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