I've currently been on this journey since 2012 first finding out I have Pco then I had a diagnostic laparoscopy found out I had blocked Fallopian tubes had both of them removed in 2013 did our first round of IVF with Pivet.. Found out I also had speckled and readings too.. We got one egg I was on 75mg of gonal.. Really low dose I no but was worried of OHSS due to pco we only got the one little egg and did Icsi with that cycle but unfortunately that egg was a dud.. And the whole cycle was thrown out.. Due to financial difficulties my partner and I weren't able to do another cycle until May this year with Fertilty specialists Wa at Bethesda hospital I was put on 100mg this time of gonal(still really small dose I no) and only had 14 tiny eggs on one ovary and 12 on the other that cycle was canceled too.. And we were bought in to discuss ivm treatment options.. We started the process this week.. Well I've been on the pill to control my menstrul cycle stopped that and am going in on Monday for my egg count and blood check looking at egg retrieval on the 8th or 9th of August.. I'm scared of having no eggs again and seeing no result I have faith but it gets hard after a while when there's no glimmers.. ✨ I'm hoping that ivm the embryoscope and the team at Bethesda are my answer this time.. Has anyone else had any experiences with IVM? I'm very lucky to have a 2nd cousin with pcos and who's partner had a vasectomy had two beatiful babies through IVM and at this clinic! If this does work My family have a lot to owe Bethesda bringing in the next generation of my family! 🌞🌈👶🏼🍼
I'd absolutely love to hear any stories or experiences you would like to share..