Hi there,
I'm new to the forum, and relatively new to IVF. I'm in the middle of my second stim cycle and feeling pretty hopeless.

On on my first antagonist cycle, I recruited only six follicles (the first disappointment given my age and what my FS had been hoping for), and then at egg retrieval they only collected 2 eggs. A terrible yield ratio. I've read online that this is likely an indication of poor quality, but my FS has been pretty dismissive of this line of questioning.

Now in my second cycle, my Gonal F has been upped to 300 (up from 225 last cycle) and added 75 of Luveris. Sadly, my monitoring appointment showed I'm only developing 5 follicles this time despite the med changes... And now I'm depressed about egg retrieval. If we even get to that stage, it would crush me to get 2 or 1 or no eggs (which seems like a real possibility given last round). I had such high hopes IVF would work reasonably quickly and now I'm terrified that I'm responding badly for a second time and it may never work.

Just st wondering whether any of you have had similar experiences with low yield despite young age, and whether you've had any luck improving on this?

I'm 31 with AMH of 10, husband is 34 with no male factor issues. We've TTC for two years.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes to all.